Tang Long Imperial Wine is the result of several years of studies, research and development in combining the traditions of imperial Chinese medicine and Chinese recuperative science to create the best nutritious health wine in the world.

Tang Long Imperial use minerals water from Lake Dong Ping which is well known for its mountains, water and farmlands. Mount Taishan, situated nearby towards the east, is the source of mineral water which is rich in strontium, silicon, magnesium, calcium, manganese, zinc and is known as one of China's top ten sources for mineral water.

Most of the ingredients used in Tang Long Imperial are selected from the water plants in Lake Dong Ping itself such as water claptrop, seed of Golden Euryale, lotus seed.

All ingredients are meticulously processed through more than 20 working procedures including washing, cooking and fermentation. Advanced germ-free automatic production line, topped with high-tech monitoring system are used to ensure the best quality. As a result, Tang Long Imperial wine is highly praised by people worldwide for its unique sweet and fragrant aroma and goodness for long-life of beauty and vitality.