1. How Tang Long Imperial Wine can help improve my overall well-being?
Tang Long Imperial Wine is nutritiously enriched with functional ingredients. It helps to:
* Replenish nutrients and revitalize body energy
* Soothe muscle strain and rheumatism
* Relieve fatigue and improve sleep quality
* Promote metabolism for your well-being
2. How frequent should I drink it? When to consume it?
It is good for postnatal, ailment recovery, and to revitalize body immunity. You can consumes 50ml, 2 times daily, each after breakfast and before bedtime. Adults can consume Tang Long Imperial Wine regularly to keep good health with 25ml dosage daily before bed. As Tang Long Imperial Wine is not a medicine prescription but a herbal tonic, you can also savour Tang Long Imperial Wine according to your health condition and preferred quantity.
3. What is Tang Long Imperial WIne made from?
Tang Long Imperial Wine is made from more than 20 types of natural herbs. Among the 10 main herbal essences are:
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4. Is Tang Long Imperial suitable for all ages?
Tang Long Imperial is not a medical prescription but a herbal tonic that is nutritious yet not strong. Therefore, it is good for both men and women as well as for the golden years. Regular consumption can significantly improve the well-being of the middle-aged and the olds in the long run.
5. Can people with low blood pressure consume Tang Long Imperial?
Yes. Tang Long Imperial improves digestive system, metabolism and enhances nutrition absorption and blood circulation. Regular consumption in the long run helps maintain blood pressure.
6. How should I consume Tang Long Imperial?
You can enjoy the wholesome goodness of Tang Long Imperial before, after or even during meals. It can help improve your appetite. Mix it with water, add ice or just chill it.
7. Can people with high blood pressure consume Tang Long Imperial?
Yes. Though people with high blood pressure are not advised to consume alcohol, such restriction only applies when it involves large quantity intake. The recommended quantity (50ml, 2 times daily) will not adversely affect high blood pressure. Otherwise, you can also place Tang Long Imperial into pot, add 100ml water, and heat it to evaporate the alcohol. People with serious high blood pressure should seek physician consultation with respect to intake of Tang Long Imperial.
8. Can people with diabetics consume Tang Long Imperial?
Yes. Tang Long Imperial contains minimal honey. A bottle of 750ml contains only 10g honey. A daily intake of 50ml contains only 1.3g honey. In addition, honey mainly consists of fructose its adverse impact to blood glucose is therefore minimal. The only 8 ingredients in the wine that contain sugar (carbohydrate) are lotus seeds, Gorgan fruit, Jobtears, Water Chestnut, Hawthorn, Jujube and sour Jujube. Every 750ml of the wine contains only 82g sugar. A daily intake of 100ml contains only 11g sugar. Therefore, the reverse impact to blood glucose level is minimal too. People with serious diabetes should consult physician with respect to intake of Tang Long Imperial.
9. What is the shelf life of Tang Long Imperial?
If the seal on the bottle is not broken, Tang Long Imperial can be stored with efficacy up to 3 years from the date of production. Once the seal is open, the bottle must be tightly capped each time after use to ensure its efficacy for up to 1 year.
10. Can Tang Long Imperial be consumed with other medicine?
Yes, provided the user is not allergic to alcohol. As Tang Long Imperial is a nutritious herbal tonic that does not contain active ingredients, it should be consumed 30 minutes after the intake of other medicines. If you are on antibiotics, sleeping pills, tranquilizer or medicine for heart disease, diabetes or anti-prothrombin, consult your physician on the suitability of consuming Tang Long Imperial.
11. Are there any side effects with regular consumption?
No. You should not be worry of any side effect, even with continuous consumption. Contemporary scientific research shows that a limited dosage of alcohol will not harmfully stimulate your stomach.
12. Can Tang Long Imperial be consumed during menstruation?
Menstruation is a normal cyclical discharge of blood from a womb. Thus, it differs from the hemorrhage caused by injury or childbirth. However, should you suspect any irregular hemorrhage behaviour, stop consuming Tang Long Imperial and consult your physician.
13. Can Tang Long Imperial be consumed after childbirth?
Yes. Tang Long Imperial helps improve your well-being. It can be consumed 2 weeks after childbirth to promote postnatal reovery provided there is no indication of irregular hemorrhage.
14. Is Tang Long Imperial approved by the Ministry of Health?
Yes. Tang Long Imperial is approved by the Ministry of Health, Malaysia. The approval number is MAL19986182T.